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This exclusive bundle comes with the anticipated ALIVE piece plus a choice of 2 Soul Sparkle bracelets ($70 value)

A unisex piece that packs tremendous power created with simplicity in mind.

A "share" piece to bridge distance between two souls to be worn through the joys and challenges each new day brings and passed from one to another. ALIVE honours the synergy between two individuals. 

Featuring a hand chiselled Madagascar labradorite the beautiful mix of colors transcend with each beam of light that touches the jewel, giving liveliness to both the piece and the wearer. ALIVE is great for everyone, it defies gender stereotypes.

And with this exclusive bindle you will receive two  SOUL SPARKLE bracelets of your choosing:

Moonstone on white (18cm diameter)
Labradorite on pyrite (20.5cm diameter)

Only 7 pieces in stock!

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