MARK LOUZON - co founder

Mark is the rock at Liana’s side and is involved in all areas of Rocking Vibe. He is an innovator and a goal crusher. His favourinte number is 13, he is an Aquarius, and is a kid at heart. The goal in his pyramid is to live in the happiest now and never lose the slightest appreciation for all he loves. Mark's favourite quote is “The only journey is the one within.”

CAMERON ARKSEY - graphic desginer

Cameron is a creative leader and problem-solver. He is able to turn out fantastic brand and marketing concepts in an instant. His favourite quote is “push the envelope, wild child.” The goals inside his intention pyramid include slowing down (only slightly!) to enjoy friends and family; inspiring others with guidance or advice that he received or wished he received at their stage in life or work; and committing to always ask “why?” as a lifelong learner and infinitely curious mind.

AASHIMA VERMA - digital marketing visionary

Aashima is a digital content curator and visionary. She sculpts new ideas into vessels of empowerment. Her favourite quote is "Better an Oops than a What If" The goals places inside her intention pyramids right now are:

  • - Earn MBA In next 6 years, Earn MBA In next 6 years,
  • - Be the best marketer the world has ever seen within the next 10 years!
  • - Travel to Paris.