All proceed go directly to Days For Girls Org

When we mobilize girls and women, their communities and our world grow stronger.

Days of Girls bracelet is a way for you to help shatter stigmas and limitations for girls around the world and increase access to menstrual care. With every bracelet purchased you will be taking a hand of a girl and leading her into a world of more dignity, health, and opportunity.

The DAYS OF GIRLS bracelet features a string of delicate pearls that represent the essential resource connecting all living things – water. Adorning a clear quartz pennant (the most plentiful rock formation found on Earth) reminds us that some resources exist in abundance while others are much harder to come by. The red feather accent expresses DAYS FOR GIRLS mission to never let a period hold a woman or girl back again; referencing the contribution made by the wearer in helping women worldwide find their freedom to soar.


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