Everything you need to know about Mercury Retrograde




Whether you are new to astrology or not, chances are you have heard about the Instagram famous Mercury Retrograde.

You find a lot of "information" on this topic floating around in the format of memes – but they aren’t very accurate. So let's clear it all up and give you all some practical, tangible advice on how to navigate this transit. 

What is Mercury Retrograde? 

Astrology is defined as the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies that influence human experiences on planet earth. Every planet has a different flavour of what they bring to the party. For example, let’s think of this as a social gathering. All the planets are a different type of guest. Mercury is the planet that LOVES TO TALK. Mercury is the one who is the social butterfly, moving around the room and conversing with all kinds of people. Mercury is the one at networking events who just seems to have all the connections. Mercury Retrograde, however, changes this energy … but only slightly.

Every single planet will go retrograde, it happens all the time. Mercury however seems to get the most limelight.

When a planet is retrograde, this means that from Earth it looks like the planet is going backwards- however, it’s not actually going backwards, but it does give us the energy that is associated with moving backwards. 

During Mercury Retrograde you can expect: 

  • 01

    Things and progress to slow down

  • 02

    People from the past popping out of nowhere wanting to reconnect- YES that includes exes

  • 03

    Having to re-do projects

  • 04

    Needing to go over old conversations and revisit plans

  • 05

    Communication can feel a little ‘weird’ 

  • 06

    Challenges and restrictions with getting around (perhaps slightly obvious right now)

Mercury rules over all things. How we think. How we talk. How we communicate. And in today’s world, a lot of that is online. Our human selves do not like to have our work or communication disrupted. We also really don't like doing things multiple times. This is why Mercury Retrograde gets such a bad rep online, but it’s important to remember that this energy gives us permission to take a step back and double-check everything over before moving forward. It can feel frustrating but try and think of it as a time to go back and tie up loose ends.  

How to practically use Mercury Retrograde energy in your day-to-day life?

Step 1: Revisit old projects that have been calling for your attention and use this time to complete them.

Step 2: Journal - get your ideas and thoughts onto paper. This will help clear up mental space up a lot, and help with the fog often associated with retrograde.

Step 3: Open up your throat chakra/ use your voice. Use this time to consider how you are sharing your voice and if it’s aligned with your values and how you want to be seen.

Step 4: Back up your computers, reschedule appointments if needed, and of course – be patient.

Step 5: Give yourself time and space. Extra time to get ready. Extra time before leaving the house. Extra time before bed- you name it.  And giive yourself space – you will thank yourself for it.

Mercury Retrograde isn’t a time to fear or put your life on hold, instead, it’s a time to adjust a little bit and allow yourself to slow down enough and revisit details. Give yourself compassion and space and remember it’s all just a phase.

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Courtney Burns is the creator behind the brand ‘Bravely Beautiful’. She writes about her experience with mental health and her spiritual awakenings. She has integrated her love of Astrology into her work in order to help empower and inspire others to live their soul’s full expression and head towards the direction of their dreams. Courtney wants everyone to be able to live their own version of a Bravely Beautiful Life. 

You can find Courtney on Instagram, and also YouTube where she shares more of her experiences and dives deeper into Astrological topics. 



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