It’s simple. Wear it on the outside to unleash the force that burns in you.
This product line is about fierce determination, childlike wonder, and the fearless fire within.

We know your journey is unparalleled. That’s why each of our careful creations is sourced to meet the dynamic vibrations of your deepest dreams and unwavering power.

Just like your beauty, our pieces are natural, raw, and unique.  You are a one of a kind creation, made from the source, and our stones are worn as a symbol of this universal bond.

Imagine a world where nothing were out of reach. For thousands of years, bold souls have turned to the limitless powers of precious minerals to strive for such a world.

Did you know that your thoughts create things? You are the fierce master of your own destiny, shaping your world one vibration at a time. Rocking Vibe’s conscious creations are here just for you! Propel the power of the world into your inspired journey and your soul’s purpose.

3 percent for the planetOur soulful products are designed and created in Ontario, Canada. The sacred minerals used to inspire your fierce self are sourced from around the world and handpicked for their beauty and energy.

Everything you see online is one of a kind and part of a limited edition.


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