The story of GROW FOR IT

This is a powerful story behind the piece that will inspire many!

8 years in the making

Everything unfolds in life on its own timeline and this pieces is no exception. I believe that the journey of GROW FOR IT is 8 years in the making - from the very first official sale by a real customer to the growth that happened over the last 8 years.

This video blog shares raw glimpse into the story of the first customer, the founders vision, and how we got here! The footage is unedited with no retakes – just us sharing authentically the "why" the " how" and the vision.

GROW for it is inspired by her, by you, and by me.

We know that it will serve you well!

xx Liana and Carol

If you want more insight into the evolution journey of GROW FOR IT here are more clips where we share our raw thoughts

And if you made it this far - here we give a final word and the reason for the actual design ♡