I get why people like me!

Blurb from the founder series

Raw, unrefined reflections from our founder Liana Louzon with intentions to fuel your soul and help you believe in yourself, invest in yourself, and become the best version of yourself ❤︎

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As my 7 year old son was brushing his hair one morning looking in the mirror I saw him pause and say out loud to himself  “I get why girls like me!” and then continue on. 

My first reaction was to laugh, and then pride took over. I thought what if everyone had the ability to give more energy to being aware of what makes them a pleasure to be around. 

We are told many things everyday by others and also ourselves. A lot of them are constructive criticisms and we try to “work” on things that need improvement. You compare yourself to the version of you that is desired in your head. This habit of focusing on what needs to be better is the pushing force for improvement but the velocity at which the improvement is achieved can be largely accelerated by adding a pulling force as well. And that, my friend, comes from being aware and inspired by what you are already great at!

Knowing what gifts you already have and what qualities you love about yourself will pull you towards the best version of yourself.

You see each compliment you DON’T give yourself decreases the rate of your progress. The opposite forces in this situation need to work together – aspire for improvement and celebrate your greatness all at the same time.

Reflecting on myself I know that I am great at being creative and also I can be really motivating to those around me. I also aspire to be a better communicator on paper. With English as my second language I lack the vocabulary and grammatical excellence to feel confident enough to put my thoughts out here. Up until now the pushing force to be better at writing has not been strong enough to show up more and share my thoughts with you.

My son has inspired me to find my pulling force and recognize that even while struggling with language skills I am still great at getting my message across. 

I try to lead by example so I have decided to start putting my messages out more (in words and not just my jewelry designs.) When inspiration strikes I will be sharing my thoughts with you in a series called “BLURB FROM THE FOUNDER” where you will find my authentic, unrefined ideas which I hope will help a few of you!

#fulldisclosurethere will be grammar and spelling errors but it is my hope that you will choose to look past the judgement and feel my words.

For today I leave you with a challenge to give some power to your pulling force by acknowledging all the things that you are great at and why people like you!

Til next time,


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