Kissing Tips

By Dr. Carlen Costa

Sexologist, Love Leader, Psychotherapist & ROCKING VIBE'S LOVE Doctor


Kissing Tips

One of my favourite displays of love and affection is kissing. When it comes to new partners or lovers, you could even say that your kissing compatibility could make or break the prospect of a potential relationship. I’ve even heard that bad kissing is one of the top five reasons why someone would turn down a second date.

Kissing, no matter where you`re from, how you do it or who you`re doing it to, is one of the most intimate ways we can connect with another person. With its swapping of spit, twisting of tongues and locking of lips, kissing has always been part of the language of love and, how can we be better at it?

 Here are a few tips for making your next kiss a lip locker rocker rather than a tongue tied mistake!


Is your mouth well equipped to take on a lip locking adventure? What some people forget is that a kiss involves more than just the lips; when you're rolling in the deep, the rest of your mouth comes along for the ride. Keeping your oral hygiene up by visiting your dentist at minimum twice per year, along with your own personal daily regiment, requires planning and toothy tenacity that can make or break you at "hello." On a big date and need to keep it fresh? Keep a pack of breath mints or gum with you to ensure you've practiced safe breathe - especially if you're a lover of coffee, wine or garlic. If you taste good, they will want to come back for more.


Lacquered lips are sexy, but one of the downsides is that making out with a glossy face can become nothing short of just a sticky mess. Lip chap, lipstick with stain and, a light gloss that you can reapply all keep your pout pretty and, make them kissable and fabulously desirable at the same time.

Men need to be aware of lip maintenance care too. No one likes to kiss a chappy chap! All men, especially when you're facing cold and dry climates, need to remember to keep your lips luscious with some daily maintenance too. Keep a lip balm with SPF in your man bag, inner coat pocket or desk drawer. Balms with mint, light berry or, my favourite, Dr. Pepper flavours keep any lip lover always coming back for a second taste.


Whether you're in a heavy make out or having your first kiss, when the slip of the tongue ensues, keep it classy & sassy instead of saucy and raunchy. If you find that your mate is pulling away a little, they might just be coming up for air and trying to avoid the suction of your Bermuda triangle tongue. Mix up your style to avoid this mishap! A little lip suck, a mildly twisty tongue, a bottom lip nibble, all gain you points when penning your kiss signature. Just be sure you exercise your new techniques at the right time. No one likes to see a make out session in front of Grandma at Sunday dinner. Light kisses, deep kisses, fun kisses and pecks are all ways to mix it up and keep your lover at labial attention.


It's easy to forget that an awesome kiss involves more than just the right lip lock magic. To leave a lasting impression, you need to use your whole body. Using your hands to lightly caress their back, pressing your hips closer to theirs, blowing lightly on their neck and nibbling their earlobes are all ways to pump up the volume on a memorable kiss. It's important to use the rest of your body to send positive signals that you're into it. The right caress or kiss in another erogenous zone, such as the neck or collarbone, can trigger pleasurable sensations that pulse right through the entire body and, leave them always wanting more.


The main thing to remember when deciding to go for it and show off your mad mouth skills is to have confidence and a sexified attitude. Expressing your confidence and not only knowing, but acting like the delicious diva that you are, who knows what she likes and knows how to communicate it is one of the hottest assets you can have. It's all about your attitude and confidence going into it. If you're having fun, your lip locking lover will be too!