Not reaching your goals fast enough?


Surrender and have faith.


By Ashley Cooper


While we’re doing the work to build toward our dreams, it’s incredible and frustrating to find that every now and then, we can still manage to feel like we’re not getting anywhere. Have you ever said to yourself, “Why does it feel like I’m taking two steps forward and one step back?”


Well, consider that you may not be seeing the overall success of your journey. Maybe you’re so focused on where you’re trying to get that you are not seeing:

 A)   How far you’ve come 

B)   How amazing it is where you already are! 


If you actually looked at the graph of the expansion and growth of your life, you’d see that overall, you’re actually going up.  The truth is, you can never go backwards, you are only ever moving forward, and here’s the trick, you will move forward faster when you celebrate your successes along the journey and use each stumbling block as a stepping stone to your greatness.


The world of contrast


We live in a world of contrast: We have the ups and the downs, the light and the dark and the good and the bad…life is full of contrast, and in fact, we learn by contrast. It’s the darkness that actually lets our light shine brighter. It’s in the face of darkness that our light actually has the opportunity to shine its brightest.


When you can accept that both light and dark are part of the journey, and can take the learning from the dark times, you will move through them faster.


Ahh…easier said than done, you might be thinking.

I want to share this process with you, which will help make it easier to move through the difficult times.

 Here’s how you can surrender to all parts of the journey—even the dark times—so you can start to see, and feel, real progress and growth on your journey, and so you can move closer to manifesting the goals in your heart:


How it Works



Get out of your head.

Step 2

Enter your heart space.

Step 3

Connect within.

1. When you’re feeling frustrated or worried about something, or if you’re thinking that you’re not making progress fast enough, STOP – get out of your head and move into your body. Notice where you feel the stress in your body and move your attention to that feeling. Maybe you have a tingling in your foot. Maybe you have a feeling of pressure in your head. Maybe you have a tightness in your chest. Move your attention there, and just notice the feeling. 

2. Enter your heart space. Next, move beyond that feeling in your body. Find the space of magic in your heart. Tap into the magic that you create when you’re writing your goals. Drop into that place within you that knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are here for a reason. Feel the relief and peace come over you as you open your heart to your magnificence.

3. Connect with the infinite wisdom that created us all and that brought us all here. Connect with that infinite wisdom within you. The same force that created this universe created you and created me. 


"Feel the magic…because you are magic."

The more you surrender to this infinite wisdom, the more you enter into the flow of life. The flow of life is already waiting for you beyond the resistance that your mind has built up. The more you can release the resistance, the more you can say, “I am willing to accept the abundance.”


Wherever frustration or worry presents itself, we don’t only have the opportunity for love, but we have the opportunity for a nuance of love, which is faith. We have the opportunity to have faith in a higher power, and to accept the worry for what it is, because on the other side of that worry lies a wealth of possibility and magic. And if we can just be with it long enough, and water the seed of possibility with faith, magic begins to happen. 

This is who we are. This is who we were born to be. We were each born with the seed of possibility in our hearts.

Accepting, surrendering and having faith are the antidotes of worry. When we accept, we have to say, to a certain degree, that, “I have faith that this too shall pass. I have faith that this too shall be OK, because I can feel the magic. I create the magic.”

If you’re in a dark place, say to yourself, “I am willing to accept that this is meant to be because this is my state, and I’m willing to have faith that beyond this moment, that there is so much greatness waiting for me because I know that I am the magic I wish to create – and I’m willing to water this possibility with faith.”

The number one myth I want to bust about acceptance is that it means that you have to just lay down and take what life gives you. It’s not about just having to “accept” what happens to you. 

Acceptance is when you’ve taken all of the action that you can take and you then anchor yourself in the moment, surrender your mind and your body, and you have faith.

It’s about choosing to have a higher perspective, and knowing and seeing that in the smallness of our minds we can’t comprehend the wisdom of our hearts. We can’t comprehend the wisdom of the universe that created us…that created the stars…that infinite wisdom of the universe, the divine or of god, or whatever you want to call it – in infinite wisdom, you are here. It’s about surrendering in faith that maybe—just maybe—every second of your life has led you to this moment. And the more you’re able to accept and be with just who you are as you are—when you’re able to face and embrace all of who you are—you can be who you were born to be. Because you actually don’t need to be anything other than you are – worries and all.



Ashley Cooper is an inspirational speaker, author and empowerment coach who has dedicated her life to helping others unlock their full potential.