Showroom + Headquarters

A dream 3 years in the making!

Once upon a time I dreamed of creating a special place where I could work and play and spend my days bringing inspiration to life.

I wrote my dream down on a piece of paper and it became a goal. I placed my goal inside the PYRAMID and it became a certainty.

It was important to me that this space I was dreaming up was within my dwelling. With three busy kiddos, I often feel like the carriage turning back into the pumpkin when the kids get off the school bus. I suddenly transform from an entrepreneur with a soulful business to a mom frantically feeding, cleaning, and solving dilemmas.

December 2018 is when I was finally able to take the first step! I knew there would be no turning back and I also knew that it would take a while to bring it all to fruition. What I definitely didn't know was that an impending global pandemic would challenge my dream, and it's process, but I kept chipping away.  

And now, without further adieu, I would love to welcome you to visit the ROCKING VIBE headquarters!

Nestled in the Carolinian forest, just on the outskirts of London Ontario is our secluded oasis. 

You can now book your private tour and in-person shopping experience online!

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