Embrace the ancient wisdom of diffusing without compromising your style. The Intuit aromatherapy collection is here to help you effortlesly incorporate your essential oils into you day.

Intereste in learning about essential oils?

Meet our team of experts 


Ange Peters

Ange a Double Diamond leader in doTERRA and mom of 2 girls and is a public mentor on the topics of holistic health, business + leadership. She leads her tribe to LIVE IN A BEAUTIFUL STATE accessed through empowerment which involves having the key tools + information.

Kim Camuso

With a background is various forms of body work including massage, crystal healing, energy healing, and reiki, Kim has been immersed in the holistic realm for over 12 years. Her goal is to inspire and empower others to create the life of their dreams through spiritual and physical wellness.

Danielle Heizenroth

Danielle is a wife, mother and diamond leader in doTERRA. She has linked arms with a beautiful team of heart centered women to change the world by helping others create their most abundant life. orem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.


KEELI martinez

Mama of three babes. Essential oil mentor and coach. Presidential Diamond dōTERRA leader, guiding others to create a life they love. 

Meaghan terzis

Meaghan is an internationally published fitness & cover model, blue diamond leader with doTERRA, and mother of two. Meaghan’s primary goal is to inspire and motivate women and to teach the true meaning of living a healthy lifestyle and finding balance. She provides the tools that are essential to live a healthy, glowing life!

kayla monson 

As a practicing mental health therapist working with families for the past 12 years Kayla has a passion for physical and mental wellness, especially helping others discover non-toxic options. Her goal is for families to feel empowered to take care of themselves and their little ones through safe, natural solutions.


cardin LOPEZ

Cardin Healing is a space of self-healing for body, mind and spirit. Cardin is a doTERRA Diamond leader who leads women across the globe to discover their own inner divinity, through connectedness with essential oils and soulful, feminine intuition.


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