My Queen,

Life is too short for regrets, and I believe in living a life that's nothing short of epic.


A curated "I AM" gift bundle designed to ignite your inner fire and empower you to navigate life with passion and intention.

The four mindful gifts are a celebration of you – your confidence, your purpose, and your unique contribution to the world.

The "I AM" gift bundle is here to ensure you are showing up to every chapter of your life with passion, courage, and intention.

Embrace your "I AM", and let the world witness the epic story that unfolds.

$90 value 

gifted to you when you spend over $200 with ROCKING VIBE

What's in your "I AM" gift bundle?

01. Anchor Bracelet ($55 value)

Its purpose is to create a tangible link to moments that evoke inspiration. Hold the crystal to capture the energy of a moment and then touch it again as needed to unleash the energy. It is a vessel to mindfully choose the frequency you wish to be at. Choose from gold, rose gold, or steel

02. Rock Bottle ($25 value)

Modern and stylish frosted water bottle is a durable vessel to ensure that you nourish yourself both physically and mentally throughout the day. Our powerful credo on the exterior of the bottle positively resets your mind with every sip you take. 

When you feel good you do good!

03. "I AM" mirror decal ($5 value)

I believe that if you start with passion and courage you will be an unstoppable force. And the best part is YOU DO HAVE IT! Place this on the mirror you look at daily and never ever forget that you are already half way to your goals just by knowing this!

04. High Vibe Pen ($5 value)

Sleek and stylish this blue ink pen will amplify all the beautiful things you write with it. And with every goal written down opportunities will arise and doors will open - just watch!

Let me show you!

So go ahead - believe in yourself, invest in yourself, and become the best version of yourself!

with love,