My Queen,

This is more than a gift from me to you.

This is a curated PROJECT HAPPY care package with one powerful purpose – to uplift you!

It all began with a rainbow.

It triggered a quite positive thought during a stormy time. 

And then everything changed!

Four single beautiful gifts combined to form a mind shifting care package to continuously serve you throughout this season and many more to come.  

May you recognize the things that bring you joy

May you embrace every colour of the rainbow

May you be gentle and loving to yourself and practice self care

May you realize the cyclical nature of life. Even when the moon appears in its crescent phase, it is still whole!

What's in your gift?

Press PLAY to discover

With so much love,




Here is a little tutorial 

to make the most of your 


You can:

1. Use it to steep tea

2. Energize your water with crystals

3. Infuse your water with herbs

PLAY to discover