Help us raise our vibe - get a rocking vibe!

This 2 week program is open by invitation by the core team.

And of course it's an exchange – as you all know how much I love gifting!

How this will work:
This entire project will be managed through Instagram

❤️ Fill out the form below before before Aug 3rd

❤️ You will be added to group chat on instagram

❤️ When you see an emoji posted on group DM simply head over to rocking vibe profile and double tap to on the new post/reel and comment

Here is the sneak peek - the ANCHOR bracelet

(my gift to you in choice of gold, rose gold, steel, or gunmetal in exchange for participating in the VIBE ACCELERATOR program for two weeks)

That’s it!

Our WHY: This experiment is for us to see how engagement affects our social media visibility and to help us evolve strategically.

xx Liana