5 Ways to Rock a Basic White T-Shirt

There's no doubt that a basic white tee is the most versatile piece in your closet. Although little black dresses and black patent pumps are a close second, there's no stealing the crown from this wardrobe winner. Their clean slate allows for endless outfits. For this reason, there are limitless ways to rock a basic white t-shirt.

To further prove our point, we're going to show you a few of our favourite styling tips. Here are 5 ways to rock a basic white t-shirt that'll instantly update your everyday looks (Special thank you to CHANNER'S for styling.)

1. Tuck it into high-waist denim

This is a timeless way to style a white tee. It really is the easiest option for everyday dressing. At any rate, it's still a fabulous go-to look. You can hardly go wrong with a pair of high waisted Calvin Klein jeans, a white t-shirt, sock boots and a casual-cool blazer. After all, sometimes classic really is the way to go. 

Grab a pair of ultra stylish high waist denim from PAIGE.

white t shirt and high waist denim

2. Use it to tone down a fancier piece

White t-shirts can help to make an ultra-fancy outfit seem more casual. Those velvet pants you have hidden at the back of your closet? They'll seem much more day time appropriate with a white shirt. The cherry leather skirt you scored at that vintage store? Team it with a white tee for a fashion-forward approach to Sunday brunch.

3. Pile on the jewellery

A white t-shirt is like a blank canvas. There's no need to worry about contrasting patterns or colours. You've got a clean slate - so work with it! One way to rock a basic white t-shirt (maybe our favourite way) is to layer on the statement jewellery. Try and mix a choker with a medium length necklace and then a lengthier one for a chic styling statement.

white t shirt with statement jewelry

white t-shirt under a suit

4. Wear it under a suit

We're also big fans of a classic white blouse. Be that as it may, we like to switch things up too. Pairing a basic white t-shirt under a suit is a great way to update it and give your look a new vibe. Moreover, it can help make a statement suit seem more approachable. So, next time don't be afraid to get the printed two-piece - just throw it on over a casual white tee. If you are in London, grab one from Channers.

5. Layer it under dresses

This works really well in transitional seasons to get longer use out of your other wardrobe staples. Styling a basic white t-shirt under a strappy floral dress will help take your summer wardrobe into fall with effortless ease. In addition, it will help expand your wardrobe by giving you multiple ways to wear the same garments. 

Ultimately, there are hundreds of ways to style a white t-shirt. Seriously. So, stock up on your faves and never be stuck for an outfit again.

white t shirt under a dress

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