What to do when you feel stuck?

Have you ever felt that your days are running themselves and you are lacking control? Do you feel that if you had better organizational skills, you would be better equipped to take on the challenges of life? At Rocking Vibe, we firmly believe that intention is the catalyst to anything that you want to achieve. A strong intention can come from writing things down. Once you write down your goals or anything that is important to you, you are 3 times more likely to achieve it.

Making a Goal Board is a fun and easy way to manifest your intentions and goals. Here is a great video that walks you through the steps and makes it easy to create one yourself!Once your goal board is ready, we want you to use it everyday. Try incorporating it into your morning routine to help put you back in the front seat of setting the tone for your day. You can start with simple to-do lists, like for groceries or bills that need to be paid. Then, move into intending on your bigger picture goals. Start with what you want to do for your life and then ponder on the why. Once you start pondering, your goals of the day will start becoming clearer. You will soon realize your lost ambition coming back to you. 

So, when are you going shopping for your own goal board? It could be one day or today could be day one, the choice is yours!