Mix-n-Match this Holiday Season!

The holidays are right around the corner. I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely need at least a couple weeks to figure out my outfits for all of the festivities. We all want that perfect dress for the jolly season. Notice I say outfits – plural, because nowadays it’s not all about one perfect outfit. The holiday season means numerous parties and gatherings which all call for special pieces of clothing.

Today I want to invite you to open up your horizons in time for holiday shopping. As a fashion enthusiast, I love taking people outside of their comfort zone! I love to challenge clients to use their imagination when it comes to any piece of clothing, or accessories.

Often we buy a piece of clothing or jewelry thinking about how the piece will work with one particular outfit – that is our first mistake as a consumer. An item shouldn’t only be for one outfit. This is important knowledge to factor in when you know you will be attending several special events in a short period of time. Buy one skirt and a few tops or jackets to change up the look. Don’t feel the need to stick to the classic red dress or gold accessories that are usually associated with the holidays. Make your holiday outfit fashion forward and out of the box.

With love, we put together three looks to spark your creativity for the holiday season ahead!


In the first look we’ve put together, our model is wearing a very chic, traditional outfit, while looking a little edgy with a frilly skirt. The length of the skirt and modest neckline of the blouse says distinguished woman. My favourite piece in this outfit is the skirt, it makes the whole look festive. Often the colour black is associated with negative things such as funerals, or the “dark side.” However this skirt is quite the opposite. The frills of the skirt tell us the wearer is someone who is ready to dance. This look would be perfect for your holiday work party. It’s the moment in the year where you can show the office you have some pizazz in your closet! This season, dare to try something new, dare for the frills (and thrills)!


When shopping for that perfect holiday outfit, enter the store with an open mind and no set ideas – sometimes that outfit you never thought would suit you is the one you should have tried first!


In our second look, our model is clearly the fun girl at the party! She wears a simple white sleeveless shirt with a flowy black skirt. The skirt is the statement piece here, the show-stopper, and it can be worn again and again with different tops! The length of this skirt makes it perfect for celebrations with family, and the flowy-ness is meant for a dance party with friends.


If you are celebrating on a budget this year and don’t have the funds for a new outfit for every occasion, look for a special skirt that you can re-wear several times. To make the look different each time, add embellishments to the bottom: a belt or a simple ribbon will do more than you think. There is always some way to modify an outfit to make it different each time you wear it.


The final look we created for you guys is my personal favourite. The grey fishnet tutu skirt is original and classy – a holiday must. I love this look because it is a blend of different styles, all of which make perfect sense when worn together. This skirt reminds me of the Nutcracker, which is as holiday season as it gets! Again, it’s all about the look, not the colour. The mesh could feel festive, or you could wear this outfit day to day. Pair this skirt with a white leather jacket to dress it down while making it a perfectly edgy ensemble. Never be afraid to mix and match styles. Try it out and trust yourself once something feels right.

Sometimes wearing too much of the same will clash your style. If you feel your look isn’t working, play trial and error. This is when my apartment starts getting super messy because I won’t stop until I find the perfect match – you should do the same. Having more options after you do your trial and error is the best feeling. This way, you have a backup plan if something changes like location or weather.

Fashion is art and artists always modify their paintings before they are completed. You should do the same with your outfits. Don’t stop to see what the store mannequins look like, the most fun part of shopping is figuring out what you can match your new finds with once you get home.

I hope these three looks were able to inspire some holiday spirit. Remind yourself to think outside the box and not to be scared to try something new – as long as you feel confident, of course. Now, let’s go shopping!


Fashion Enthusiast and Blogger