Show Up for Yourself


How you value yourself, in your life, sets the tone for every other relationship you have within it. It is the difference between always having a bad day, to recognizing that every day, is an opportunity to be a good day - the best ever day, really. I want you to look at yourself, right now, and know that you are worthy of every success that comes to you in your life. This is the self-worth mindset. I want your worthy mind to be bursting in knowing that you are deserving of beauty, success, happiness and unconditional love. A worthy mindset, however, is a choice. It is a choice that some of us work at daily to maintain, which is why there is value in being reminded to show up for yourself and improve your relationship with feeling worthy in your life.. The value you give yourself in your life is a reflection of how you choose to show up to live the life you want to lead - the life you love to lead. I want you to show up for your life. I want you to rise in love with yourself and the life you live. Here are three ways you can

show up for yourself:



1. Awareness
Awareness is how you perceive and recognize something, whether that is within you or around you. You are alive. You are in this body. However, it may not always be easy to be in tune with how you are feeling about it. I understand that. Sometimes it hurts too much to feel it, to get inside of it; however, it’s time to bring that awareness back into yourself and let the magic in. On a piece of paper, write down the words “I AM”. Who are you? Write down all the words that come to mind that you associate with yourself. Don’t second guess your answers, just write down the words or brief sentences that come to your mind and feels from your gut. For example, I wrote: “I AM honest”. This process is about identifying where you are at. If we can see where we are, then we create opportunity to identify where we want to go.


2. Choose Love
Love, isn’t just a feeling, it’s a choice. We can choose to love ourselves with conviction or choose to dismiss what our body, mind or spirit is asking us to bring into ourselves. Look at your list. Those words are feelings, actions, beliefs that you choose to identify with for your life, right now. I want you to choose the life, that you want to live, whole heartedly. In a second column, beside each word, write “I CHOOSE”. I want you to choose how you will either nurture or shift those emotions and thoughts of self-awareness in your life. For example, I wrote: “I AM honest. I CHOOSE to speak with honest, intentional words”. This process is about identifying how who you are makes its impact in your life.

3. Affirmation
Affirm who you are. When you can affirm how you want to feel on your journey, then you honour that you are a worthy, sacred, life force within it. Affirmation, can come through the power of our words. Think about the power we give words through intention, manifestation, affirmation, blessing, direction, and in sending vibration. Nurturing a high sense of self-worth, is about choosing how you will show up for yourself through action, in your power. In a third column, write: “I WILL”. Now, affirm through conscious, attainable actions, how you will successfully shift from where you are, to where you want to go, to actively creating the value for yourself and your life that you are seeking. For example, I wrote: “I AM honest. I CHOOSE to speak with honest, intentional words. I WILL pause and take a breath before speaking, in order to give myself a moment to reflect that the words that are coming out my mouth are in alignment with what I am wanting to say”. This affirms through action that your words, thoughts and feelings are being reflected in the lifestyle that you choose. I believe you can shift. I know you are worthy. All you have to do is say YES to rising in love with yourself, today.
Who do you value? I want you to value yourself, above and beyond all else.


About the Contributor

Dr. Carlen Costa


Dr. Carlen is a Sexologist, Love Leader and registered Psychotherapist. In her online program, Own Your Own: 5 Days to Power in Pleasure, she invites women to talk about and shift into owning their lives and their relationship to pleasure to bring a deeper understanding of self-worth and love into their lives. Follow @drcarlen wherever you are and say YES to owning the power of love in your life again.