Designer Tells All – Everything You Need To Know About ROCKING VIBE’s New SPHERE Necklace

"Poised for beauty and offering unmatched versatility, SPHERE is a reminder that nothing in life is linear — not even time. Showcase your creative spirit with this elegant, adjustable, hand-chiseled quartz pendant necklace."

The SPHERE necklace captures over a year of love, perseverance, and care. It symbolizes the connection between our presence in this moment and a greater force in this world: the legacy of human souls who came before us – and who will come again and again, long after we’re gone. 

It’s about our connection with that force, about our obligation to those future generations. The clear quartz stone reminds us to influence the change in the world that we so desire. 

A note from the designer:


"SPHERE is the product of over a year of dedication. After working on it for so long, I love it dearly. I reflected deeply on the cycle of life throughout the creative process – how the planets revolve around the sun, how new generations bring new life. I hope  when you wear this piece, you’ll be motivated and inspired to bring positive change to the world! "

What inspiration did you draw on while you were creating SPHERE?

I really wanted to create a connection between our presence in the here-and-now and something bigger – the universe, the legacy of human souls who came before us. I knew the piece was going to be circular yet unrefined, to go around your neck a few times. It’s cyclical, like the orbits of the planets and the water cycle – water feeds us, nurtures us, and is recycled, and it’s been like that forever. That’s an important connection.

From conception to completion, SPHERE took over a year to design. Can you tell us about that process?

Yeah, SPHERE has been evolving for over a year. The more I thought about it, the more it unfolded, and I’ve never been one to settle on something that isn’t perfect. It was also really hard to get the adjustability down – I wanted it to be elegant and seamless, and it took many tries to create the experience that’s here today. But it was worth it!

Eventually, the timing was right and I was like, “Okay, it’s ready to go out there!” After working on it for a year, I have a lot of personal attachment to this piece. I love it dearly.

What’s the story told by SPHERE, and how does the design tell the story?

Sphere tells a story about how our presence here is greater than just our physical presence. We’re connected to something greater, to a long descent of human souls who created a platform for us, and now we’re now creating a platform for future generations. There’s power in being a woman! It reminds us of how significant we are, even though it sometimes seems like we’re just one, small person.

What makes clear quartz so special?

It’s an amplifier. You can charge it, you can feel it – it’s a powerful tool, and it’s the easiest stone to understand, so it’s accessible, too. If you’ve never had a gemstone accessory or you’re not familiar with crystals, clear quartz is the perfect gateway dru– crystal! And you can’t deny its energy. It’s easy to feel. Clear quartz doesn’t judge. It’s also April’s birthstone!

The stone is also special on SPHERE because the round shape makes it a metaphor for a lens. You can see the world through it, and by doing that, you’ll be reminded of everything the piece represents.

What was your favourite part of the design and production process?

When I had the design down, I loved seeing it on Rachel Brathen (she’s Yoga Girl) for the first time. Just seeing her wear it, I knew it was going to inspire anyone who invested their energy into it. That was by far my favourite moment.

How did you choose the name SPHERE?

Even before the name was chosen, I wanted to capture the idea of how everything comes full circle. SPHERE is the perfect name to express how light follows darkness, how life follows death – not to be that extreme, but in some ways it is, you know? Everything in life in continuous, without a clear beginning or end. The name just kind of came, and it was perfect. It embodies a lot of what I wanted to say.