Own the night!

The party season is here and socializing is one of the highlights in wrapping up the year. I want to introduce you to your best social gathering companion: the Titanium Quartz. 

If you have never worn a titanium quartz around your neck, take this as a hint from the universe to get one into your life.

I am truly OBSESSED with titanium quartz. It is such a statement specimen and, simply put, it is mesmerizing. This crystal is created by taking a clear quartz and having titanium molecules bonded by the natural electrostatic charge of the crystal in a process known as magnetron ionization. This process produces the breathtaking colour of “flame aura” through layering titanium vapour in a vacuum chamber with extreme heat

"What is created is simply marvellous: a supercharged crystal that possesses a storm/fire element suitable for every zodiac sign and that activates all chakras. Boom—nature meets science."

This combination is able to do three powerful things that make it the most perfect addition to your party ensemble:

  1. Wearing it will make you feel grounded, centred and energized all at the same time. When you enter the room full of strangers your confidence will be supported so you can build new connections and contribute to the fun!
  2. As your own energy is amplified so will be your presence. Not only will the aesthetics of the stone draw attention but your own personality will shine bright. You will leave a lasting, memorable impression. 
  3. Lastly, titanium quartz has the ability to store collective energy. As you show up to high-vibe functions and interact with your friends and peers, the crystal will be charged by the powerful moments and will serve you throughout the year every time you wear it.

So without further ado, let me showcase some of our top Titanium Quartz designs that will help you show up each and every time to your fullest potential.


A Titan goddess of night-time oracles and prophecies, ASTERIA is here to encourage you to shine like the star that you are. Through the darkness of night, we are able to see the sparkle from the stars above us. This one-of-a-kind crystal matches your unique approach to life and reflects the everlasting legacy you have in this world. ($210 CND)


The Greek goddess of force and raw energy is here to help you own the night. Embrace the magic of unleashing your potential with Bia as your ultimate companion. When holding back is not an option - show up, deliver, and leave a lasting impression. A captivating piece that will take you from day to night, BIA is an adjustable necklace with a titanium-coated polished quartz and unrefined edges. ($185 CND)


The powers are not to be understood but to be experienced. Created to be the amplifier for that special day as you raise your vibration. Tap into the magic of the monumental time in your life - be it a celebration or a centre stage event, stand firm on your feet and welcome new beginnings. A contemporary take on a classic pearl necklace ENIGMA intentionally strings together 23 titanium-dusted, hand-chiselled crystals, here to amplify the energetic shift. ($399 CND)

And here are some minimal pieces for you to try out.

ELEVATE bracelet 

Elevate the moment, elevate your presence. Elevate your senses to realize the possibilities that are in front of you. Sister it’s time to level up the script in your head. You are magic. ($75)

SOUL SPARKLE bracelets 

Let this be the spark that sets your soul on fire. These elegant adornments incorporate a unique geological element designed to connect with your pulse point. ($30)


Propel your thoughts to become carefully chosen words and actions – both said and done with purpose. Each choker incorporates a unique geological element, which lies over your vocal cord. ($75)