The most important person on your wishlist: YOU!

Invest in yourself

We often feel self-indulgent and guilty for treating ourselves during the holidays. But the truth is, in order for you to show up for everyone else—with beautiful gifts and energy—you need to carve out a similar budget of time and money to invest in yourself. 


The resistance you might feel toward buying yourself a little something (or even taking a time out) is self-sabotage, so take a deep breath and show yourself some love. I also find that leading up to the New Year—the one time when the whole world raises its vibration—is when little tokens of self-appreciation get you over the finish line and onto a fresh new track.


As an entrepreneur and mother of three young kids, I don’t have much time to myself, but I find that I am more generous in all aspects of life when I give to myself as well as to others. 


I challenge you to invest in yourself—start now


For inspiration, here are some presents I bought myself this year that I love:


Beautiful Life Lab 

This online program is designed to help you take control of your daily life and it has quickly become my power tool—I’m talking scheduling, intention setting, time management and more. Consider it your personal assistant and life coach all in one ($52).



I have dabbled in essential oils for a while, but buying a beautiful diffuser that complements my workspace has allowed me to shift from work mode to creative mode to organizing mode to fun-mom mode… Every time I fill it with water and add the oils it feels like self-love. My Essential Business carries a wide selection if you are looking to invest in one. (From $9.95)


Mood Lighting 

Some things are hard to put into words, and for me, the way I tend to go deep into my thoughts and the self-assurance I feel as the soft glow of my salt lamp diffuses negative ions into my space is one of those things. Sometimes I am drawn to touch the lamp as I walk past it and my kids also find it captivating—I may or may not have caught my youngest licking it a few times. ( from $24.95)


Love Powered Co cards 

My oldest daughter, who is 7, is always being the “oldest” and I wanted to create a tradition of mommy-daughter time. She runs into my room each morning and we curl up in my bed and she picks an affirmation card from the deck. If you are a mama on the go wanting to carve out special time, I would recommend you check out LOVE POWERED Co cards. (They also came out with affirmation cards for teens and women!) ($39.95)

Spin Master 

Creating Spotify playlists takes me back to the teenage me crafting a mixed tape of the top 100 pop hits from the radio in the basement. I love discovering the playlists that my friends put together as well as sharing my playlists. With a small monthly fee, I have access to all the music my heart desires. ($9.99 a month for Premium package)


Good Vibes 

Yes, ROCKING VIBE is my livelihood and I still get lost in the beauty of each crystal I play and create with. Sometimes, as I sort through the crystals, I come across one that I don’t want to let go of and often it is the most “misshapen” or “misunderstood” specimen. I keep it and wear it as a reminder that what makes me different is what’s going to contribute the most the the world.


Power Vessel

I am a coffee-powered machine, and some mornings it’s tough to get powered up with my overwhelming to-do list. So I went and I bought myself a special cup that I drink my morning coffee from (this was also a two-hour time investment into rediscovering retail therapy). I found my perfect cup at a local Chapters: it says “Morning Jolt” and has a bright sunshine-yellow interior. ($12)


Comfort blanket 

A lot of attention and research has been coming out about the “compression” therapy blankets that can improve your sleep, elevate your mood and reduce your anxiety. I gave it a try and I LOVE IT. I often work alone during the day, and the “hugs” that the blanket offers are very comforting. It’s this feeling of support and being grounded that helps me streamline my thoughts, especially when I write. If you like cuddling, this is for you. Check out Canadian brand Gravid. (From $159)

P.s. I curled up under my weighted blanket, wearing my fav INFERNO piece, sipping some java from my fav cup as I listened to my go-to spotify playlist while diffusing peppermint and tangerine essential oil blend!


Ready, Set, Go invest into yourself!