My Queen,

This isn’t just another influencer gift. 

This is a curated PROJECT HAPPY care package.

When I founded Rocking Vibe, I wanted to make more than a jewelry company: I dreamed of building a community of empowered humans, set on a mission to uplift one another. Six years later and our community has grown into a powerful collective of people who understand that the right accessory can be the secret to looking and feeling their best. 

Since the start, you have been a crucial source of inspiration for that community, and a member I hold dear to my heart. THE GIFT in your hands is my way of thanking you for inspiring me through every step of this crazy journey.

It’s no secret that this has been a tough year – but I’m a firm believer that there’s a rainbow in every storm. This year, the Rocking Vibe community sent messages of love and support to nearly 2,000 frontline workers directly impacted by the coronavirus crisis through our Rocking Vibe Gratitude Giveaway. We were also able to send thousands of dollars of product to nurses, 911 dispatchers, respiratory therapists, and others who work unremittingly to keep our communities safe and healthy. 

There’s still work to be done. I created this gift, called PROJECT HAPPY, with one purpose in mind: to put uplifting mindfulness tools into the hands that need them most. These gifts are designed to make room for joy; each one is an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the things that bring light and love during an otherwise difficult time. 

This year, they’re my gift to you – and to everyone who spends more than $200 at this holiday season (plus there is a 25% off storewide SALE during Black Friday event.)

What's in your gift?

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If this speaks to you, I can’t even begin to express how grateful I’d be for any support you feel inspired to offer. 

Xoxo, Liana

IG: @rockingvibe 


Phone: (647) 229-7699 – feel free to reach out to me at anytime! 

I wanted to keep your gift a surprise so didn't ask for your ring size. If you woulld like a different size let me know :)



Here is a little tutorial 

to make the most of your 


You can:

1. Use it to steep tea

2. Energize your water with crystals

3. Infuse your water with herbs