Congratulations on your exclusive access to the much anticipated GROW FOR IT necklace in a limited edition bundle offer!

$150.00 CAD$105.00 CAD

This VIP exclusive bundle features the GROW FOR IT NECKLACE, the pre-released adjustable ANCHOR bracelet, and our signature HIGH VIBE PEN. 

This secret bundle is exclusive to the launch team followers and community and is available until May 8th while quantities last.

You can learn WHY and HOW this pieces came about HERE - we share raw intimate stories!

GROW FOR IT pieces was inspired by our very first customer - Carol Elizabeth, and our journey of growth over the 8 years. It is created for you, for me, and for her - we are all connected!

Time will pass

Make it worth it

Grow for it.

Your struggles are your superpowers.

Your journey is on purpose.

It’s time to amplify your magic,

To shine your light.

You are going to see just how capable you are!

Grow for it.



You can learn about this piece and it's full below