10 ways to love the shit out of your-SELF

Self love seems like a buzz word these days- but often with the rise of language like this it is because our society is in DESPERATE need of exactly that SELF- love. 

When Liana asked me to write this- I knew it would be an easy task as someone who has lived on the other side of the coin for so long- the journey of loving ME has been a beautiful, messy, exciting and joyful experience that has brought me to where i am today!

Take some time to let the following 10 actions land within your soul.


This linked with self compassion is the ultimate in self LOVE and it truly is a SUPER POWER. When we learn to forgive others and most of all our selves we open up room in our heart, body, mind & soul for MORE of what we do want in our lives. You clear space energetically for ALLOWING more love & abundance into your life.


You HAVE to move your body. HAVE TO. Outside of your day to day duties- moving your body doesn’t have to look like an intense workout, a marathon or even yoga- move how YOU want to move.  What FEELS good to you. What did you love to do as a child? There is always so much wisdom in our childhood curiosities. Moving our stress out, anything we are holding onto and getting our body moving in a way that it wants too- that comes back to #1 LISTEN ;)


This is such a beautiful umbrella for your mind, body and soul- but for this bit I am going to keep it to nourishment of your body- through what you eat

Understanding what your body needs to be in it’s best vibration is key to LOVING your SELF. Feeding your body with greens, water, earth food and high quality ingredients is so important to your over all SELF. Why because what you put in your body effects you SO MUCH- literally water is LIFE.

Treat yourself with an avocado toast.

Let the sesame seeds nourish you from within.


Your soul wants you to create! That is what you were put on this planet to DO. 

Your soul is always asking you to create something- believe it or not we are ALL CREATIVE. It just looks different for all of us. Again going back to childhood what did you LOVE to do or create? This is SUCH an important piece to SELF love. We become stagnant when we don’t circulate our creative energy- that ends up looking like stress, lack of sleep and DIS- EASE. What will you create today? 

I LOVE using the Essential Oils Wild Orange, Elevation blend & Pepermint for my creative time!



Be YOU. 

One of my favourite ways to express my true colours is with fashion and how I put together an outfit. 

This again is another form of creativity- letting that energy circulate and be expressed! From putting on my favourite Soul Sparkle Bracelets & my Spiritual Gangster hat, converse and a plain tee - I AM READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD.

 Knowing how you want to FEEL when you look at your closet is always a great thing to keep in mind when you’re shopping! 

Make it count. 




This is another piece that I can talk about ALL DAY LONG. When you create practices in your life- your life changes for the better- hands down, no disputing. Your practice of self care and self LOVE have to be at the forefront of each day. I am such a huge advocate of morning practice. You have to meet YOU before you start giving all your energy away to everything the day has in store for you. This foundation is critical for creating your best life. It doesn’t have to look like a 90 minute process- it can be 10 minutes of meditation, slow movement, intention setting and connecting with your favourite essential oils

Oils are such a key component to the morning practice as it adds an anchor for you! 

I love YLANG YLANG as it’s the oil of the inner child. I meet her each morning and gracefully recognize her. Other oils that are amazing for the morning are Cinnamon, Citrus and Mints.



Ahhh! I could talk about this ALL DAY- but the high vibrations of just BEING out in nature is the ultimate SELF love. Mama Nature is designed to allow us to breathe deeper, our bodies literally release more serotonin and we can hear more about what our soul wants us to hear. GET OUTSIDE- NOW! ;)

A woman wearing rocking vibe Nurture

8. FUN

We take life WAY TOO seriously sometimes and this is pretty much the first thing that I share with any of my coaching clients and remind myself daily of. 

Make it your new favourite F word ;) 

How can you schedule more FUN in your life? When was the last time you truly had FUN? How can you add more expression into your wardrobe- more items that make you happy and open, a cute tee with a sassy saying on it, or a bold piece of jewelry to catch your eye! In today's world with SO MUCH intensity happening around the globe it really is a necessity to have FUN- you help raise the vibrations of those around you when they witness your FUN practice!


This is a jump off of #6 but it IS so important to incorporate this into your life and SELF love practice. You literally create more space in your brain to learn more, handle more and be more relaxed through your day when you start off with Meditation. The stillness in this practice is essential to thriving in your life as the person you are growing to become! I love and use often the free guided meditation APP INSIGHT TIMER. Oils for epic meditation- Frankensense , Rose, Bergamot.

Soul sparkle bracelets in the hand of Buddha

10. ASK

This may seem like an odd one but it’s such a key piece to the whole picture of SELF LOVE. You need to ask your SELF- really good questions about what you want for your life. About what is next. 

How do I want to FEEL here- 


In my BODY 


You have to ask yo- SELF. 

Get real. Get Raw. Do this in a journal. This something VERY powerful about journal work that helps you move it out onto paper, helps you co-create with the universe and helps you LISTEN to what is being asked of you.

Over this whole spectrum of loving yourself, it's always a choice. 

to heal. to grow. to learn.  

to love. 

Katie Wilken

Katie is ready to activate your soul with her fresh conversations on what it means to be a Conscious Feminine Leader in Life, Motherhood & Business. Being an Award Winning Entrepreneur, running multiple businesses and being a Mom of 3 boys and a Wife of a busy business owner she has been through many failures, breakdowns, breakthroughs and has a refreshing way to share her wisdom with other women eager to be a leader of their own destiny.