THINGS that Matter

… Moving halfway across the world at the age of 14, leaving life as I had known it taught me the value and power a material “THING” can have.

Today I share a couple of important “things” in my personal toolkit in the hope of encouraging you to develop your own physical tokens that can serve you in a positive way.


A mindful connection to the material world can elevate your presence and ability to show up in everyday life!

Here are 4 ways I use material possessions to propel my creation of the life I envision! 



I chose to start with this one because it is true what the cliché says, an image can say a thousand words. In still-frame, a single photograph can hold an entire childhood worth of emotions, lessons, and stories. At the beginning of my first career as a photographer (, English was my second language. I felt the best way I could communicate universally was through the images I created. Simple moments captured can bring so much influence with them into daily life. 


Placed around my office and my house I have images that stir up happy thoughts every time I glance at them. I carry a picture that reminds me of my “why” – the reason I do what I do – in my wallet. I deliberately chose my screensaver on my electronic devices to trigger action towards my goals and I curate Rocking Vibe’s Instagram feed to reflect the brands mission. 



Yeah, I said that. My underwear gives me power. It is my secret weapon, my superhero cape, my “with these panties on no one can stand in my way” attitude shifter. I keep my secret capes in a drawer neatly organized with a scent sachet so that the first thing I choose to put on in the morning sets me up for success.


Standing in my own skin with my secret cape every morning gives me the chance to glance in the mirror and give myself a wink and a pep-talk. It all starts with opening the drawer and pulling out THE pair that will serve me for the day. No one needs to know, but my red thong will not allow me to take no for an answer ;) 



Here is a shocker. I LOVE jewelry! Every single day my jewelry is the last thing I put on before I head out of the door and I ALWAYS choose my jewelry with intention. Usually I choose a motivation to assign to each piece as I layer them one by one; either to give respect to the past (a reminder of a mountain I have climbed, a storm I have persevered, or a lesson learned), give power to the present, or evoke strength to create my future. 


Jewelry is such a perfect power token as it is so intimate in its nature. Resting right against our skin and often bringing sentimental value with it, jewelry has been around for centuries and is a conscious way for humans to express their personal style.   


Throughout my day, when I glance at my reflection in the mirror or receive a compliment, I remember the intention I set when I selected that piece for the day. The best part about my crystal pieces is that they can bring a new purpose to my flow every single day. My go-to designs are INFERNO layered with the SOUL SPARKLE CHOKER and an ESSENCE bangle. On special days, I select my power piece which at this moment in time is LEGACY – it proudly adorns my neck during meetings and important presentations.



Although one does not experience scent through physical touch it still comes in physical forms. Scent has become such a powerful anchor for me that I even created a full INTUIT aroma collection to help me leverage the power of scents.  A little while ago I began to pay attention to my surroundings when I would feel especially happy and found often these times had a consistent combination of sounds, people, physical wellbeing (sleep, hydration) and SMELL. For example, a smell of coffee creates a feeling of anticipation to me – a conditioned response since often post-coffee I turn into a go-getter. The smell of cedar calms me, reminding me of my childhood summers spent playing in the woods. Citrus is uplifting to me, and my list goes on. When I discovered essential oils, I cut synthetic perfumes out of my life and I found that I am able to shift my focus and reframe my mindset with a single drop. My favourite essential oil combo to wear is Citrus mixed with Siberian fir. (If you want to learn more about oils reach out to my awesome team of experts who helped with the launch of the collection at the bottom of THIS page.


Some of my more transient tokens include my gold pen for writing down my TO DO list every morning, my houseplants that create a cozy atmosphere throughout my day, and my Generation G Blush lip finish by Glossier that makes me feel put together – even when I’m totally not! – as I run out the door. I want to mention that my physical tokens often evolve and what served a purpose in the past may change in the future. I love discovering and investing into THINGS that serve me.

xo Liana


Liana Louzon

Founder and CEO of