Create a Mother’s Day gift she will remember forever!

Here’s how 

 It’s never about the gift: it’s about all the LOVE it represents! 

This Mother’s Day, help her see herself through the eyes of her children! 

Psst… This project is designed by a mom, for a mom, so if you happen to have the BEST mom or parenting partner in the world, this is for you!

STEP 1: 

Help your child pick a piece of gemstone jewelry from ROCKING VIBE. We have pieces starting from $30, and for a limited time, there is even the option to design a custom piece which reflects mom’s personality! (HERE) 


Record a heartfelt message for mom while wearing or holding the chosen pieces. This will infuse the crystal with those words and infuse it with love. 

STEP 3: 

Play the recorded video when you gift mom the piece. The love that she feels that moment will be anchored to this piece which will become her constant symbol of the unconditional love she shares with her kids.

Crystals have memory and store energy!

Right now, every mom is feeling a little more committed to her role, a little more stretched thin – a little more of everything, really! 

This is the perfect Mother’s Day gift because it’s straight from the heart: it holds an infusion of her children’s love and memories, inspiring her to continue showing up through the struggles and challenges we are facing together!



Explain to your child that by wearing the crystal, they are going to charge it with love for their mommy.

Tell your kids that you are recording a very special message for mom to let her know how much she is loved and how special she is.

Ask them to explain WHY she is the most amazing mom in the world and HOW much they love her.

Remind your child to look into the camera, smile, and pretend they are talking directly to their mom!

Mother/daughter set:

Daughters will LOVE a matching friendship necklace to share with mom.We suggest you design a matching set of GLOW necklaces: a shorter version (15 inches) for daughter and a longer version (18 inches) for mamma. 

This way, they will feel the bond even when they are apart. 

It is my hope that every mom who could use some rocking vibes has a chance to experience this magical gift. Please share with your friends who are also in search of the perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

And as you share you will also be supporting our small independent business, and at this time, we are so grateful for that!

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