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4 simpe ways

There are moments in our lives that are etched into the collective consciousness forever. In these moments, we shift the ways we think about the world – and our place within it. Often, this is the silver lining on the darkest of clouds, because despite (and sometimes even because of) tremendous suffering, we are spurred to think about our contributions to the world in new ways. 

Recent events have caused many of us to rethink our relationships: to others, to ourselves, and to nature. Whether you’re lucky enough to have a greenspace as a part of your social distancing strategy, or whether you only have a bright window to gaze through, now is the perfect time to grow your relationship with nature.

Here are 4 ways to reconnect with nature without spending a penny:

1. Name a houseplant or a tree in your yard. 

Yep, it might feel pretty silly, but it will trigger a profound connection to our source. You can’t help but say “Well hello there, Morgan Treeman …” each time you look out the window, or “How’s the weather, Cactus Everdeen” whenever you glance at your plant.

When your plants have names, you’ll begin to feel more tender toward them. You will become more aware of others like it. And your heart will make room to stop and smell the roses. 

Good things will come from giving a shrub a name :)

2. Plant a seed. 

You don’t even need to go to the store. If you live in most parts of Canada and the United States, there are probably seeds in your yard just waiting to be planted. Take a nature walk around your yard and keep your eyes peeled for pinecones, dandelions (they’re SO important for bees!), and acorns.

No yard? No problem! There’s some in your food. Here’s great instructions for planting avocado seeds. You can also try planting apple or orange seeds – just plant a bunch of them, because the seeds sometimes aren’t viable (you’ll have better luck if you buy organic). 

But wait! Before you plant that seed, put it in your mouth. Here’s why. You’ll be amazed at how grounded and connected you feel when your seed sprouts! 

3. Plant your food.

Want to get a head start on life? Plant your food scraps! Many times, these scraps can be enjoyed all over again (but honestly, the real joy is in watching them grow).

Lettuce, carrot greens, celery, herbs, and even pineapples can be grown from scraps we’d normally throw in the trash. I have a thriving mint plant on my windowsill grown from leftover fresh mint from the grocery store.

Here’s a link to help you get started.

4. Give a rock a home.

If you don't have a crystal, go be a little kid and pick out a rock that you like. Wash it, hold it to your heart, and fill it with positive thoughts.

Once again, you may feel silly, but the same subconscious trigger is at work, and each time you see your new pet rock, you will feel something. Let that feeling be acknowledged. 

And there you go! Just like that, there are 4 ways to grow your connection with nature – all without spending a dime (as it ought to be!). 

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