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How I Use Crystals To Connect With My DAUGHTER

I’ve found comfort and strength in crystals since I was a little girl, but it wasn’t until I became a mother that I discovered the extent of their supportive power. Three kids later, I’m a seasoned mom, fully entrenched in my role. It was this transformation that solidified my passion for sharing crystals with the world!

Of course, helping you wear crystals is only half of my mission: the other half is teaching you to use them. 

During a time when many of us are spending more time than ever with our little ones (raise your hand if you’re reading this between homeschooling lessons!), I want to share a powerful way I use crystals with my daughter to help her discover her own power.

the third eye kiss

I teach my kids about the power of their own intuitions a lot. They know their intuitions are like muscles, and the more they use them, the stronger they get. 

Just like an athlete practices visualization or performs a routine before a big game, I like to place my crystals on my third eye when I need to journey inward for answers.

When my daughter turned eight and started truly connecting with her intuition, we talked about how the wisdom and love of all of her ancestors is already within her – she just needs to journey inward and listen. That’s how we started doing the “third-eye kiss,” a powerful and loving way of connecting to our inner powers. 

First, we snuggle up, getting really close to one another. 

Then, we both close our eyes, touch our foreheads together, and take a few deep breaths. 

Sometimes, when my daughter is struggling, I’ll also whisper loving words in her ear. I think the physical connection and intimate moment makes those words really take hold. 

There is so much assurance in this simple act. During our third-eye kiss, it feels like the stress gets turned way down. 

We both feel it

When my daughter is wearing her necklace (we have a matching set), we’ll take turns charging our crystals by placing them between our third eyes, located on the forehead between the eyebrows.

our matching 


The connection we feel during those moments is so special, and taking the opportunity to charge our crystals makes the third-eye kiss last because when we are apart but need each other’s support, we both turn to our matching crystal necklaces. 

During those critical moments, we hold the crystals in our hands and remember how much we love one another, and that the power of the universe is within us.

Now, for the first time ever, you can also design a matching set with your daughter with Design-Your-Own Glow Necklaces . I’d recommend the 18” chain for yourself and the 15” chain for your little one – it’ll help the crystals to sit at about the same place on your chests.

A couple of other simple ways I connect to my children with crystals

To receive childlike energy

Anyone else feeling a little burned out right now, watching their kids race around and wondering how they do it? Here’s one of my favourite ways to receive a boost. Sometimes I let my daughter wear one of my quartz necklaces for a day or two to charge it with her childlike energy. I always find that after she’s worn my go-to crystal necklace, I feel a sense of ease and flow when I put it on next. 

To give wisdom and love 

Conversely, when my daughter is having a hard time or feels anxious about an upcoming event, I’ll put my piece around her neck. I tell her that I’m sharing my power and wisdom with her, and as long as she’s wearing my necklace, I’ll be with her as her secret supporter. I really do feel like I’m alongside her as she faces her challenges and she has shared with me how much inner strength it gives her as well!

By the way, here is the one who made me a mom 8 years ago 

My love for my kids is what keeps me going, and I’m always excited to share the things that help me connect – it’s how ROCKING VIBE was born! 

If you know a special mommy-daughter duo, pass these tips on to them by forwarding ♥

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