Why use a crystal to unlock your head space.

Most of the time, crystals are worn as necklaces, serving our heart centre. This is a beautiful thing: our heart centres help us grow empathetically, allowing us to love harder and move kindly through the world.

But if you’re only using crystals to connect with your heart chakra, you’re missing out. The Rock Stud is the perfect way to connect with a new source of power.

Even if you don’t know your crystal’s power, it’s working away for you, as unobtrusive and persistent as your own heartbeat. Might as well learn how to use it, right?

Why use a crystal to unlock your head space?

Every human being has seven centres within their bodies: inner sources of energy that keep us vibrant, healthy, and alive. Connecting to them is a powerful way to practice mindfulness and grow as individuals. Each centre is associated with different mind-body connections, and one of my favourite places to connect is in my head space. 

The gift of our head space is the ability to discover both inner and outer worlds – to see and understand things without emotional attachment, from a more sober perspective.

When we’re truly connected to our head space, we not only see what’s going on, we also know what it means. 

This makes the head space perfect for times of transformation and growth: being mindful of it helps us to make more grounded decisions and see things from new perspectives. 

Overwhelmed with what's happening around you? Struggling through a time of transition? Having trouble communicating with your partner? 

You need to get in touch with your head space.

The ROCK STUD is the best way to contact your head space.

I wanted to make this design effortless – aesthetically, functionally, and financially. The ROCK STUD features a raw, hand-chiseled crystal, a technique that allows the stone to come apart naturally, preserving a strong energetic core (almost always lost in factory-processed stones). Because the energetic core remains entire, the stone is a small but mighty energy source.  And like the stone itself, the ROCK STUD encourages those who wear it to open up naturally, exposing your own energetic core to both yourself and the world around you. And that’s pretty magical.  

When should you connect with your head space? 

One of the most powerful times to connect with our head space is when we are dreaming. Head space allows us to see the big picture: it exposes the parts of ourselves that extend beyond what we’re able to show on the outside. These hidden inner powers are one of the roots of self-evolution, and discovering them offers powerful opportunities to accelerate our own growth.

When we sleep, we enter a space where we are entirely surrendered to our subconscious. It’s a beautiful, intimate place, and having support from the source can help you feel grounded as you journey through dreamspace.

I made the ROCK STUD with surgical grade steel, allowing you to maintain your connection to your headspace throughout the night. 

This means you can grow, learn, and adapt – all while you’re supported by the source.

Here’s how to make the most of your Rock Studs at bedtime

Many people in the Rocking Vibe tribe already place crystals under their pillows at night. Leaving your ROCK STUDS on overnight will serve the same purpose in your routines, but with even greater amplitude because the crystal directly connects with your skin and head space.

What stone should you use?

Because we’re all different, the ROCK STUD is available in three different crystals, each with their own power. 

A M E T H Y S T : 

This purple stone is widely known for its ability to calm and soothe emotions. Amethyst helps its wearer fall asleep and its calming aura makes it the perfect stone when stress or grief are the reasons you’re up at night. It’s also an excellent healing stone, associated with calm and intuition. 

R O S E  Q U A R T Z : 

Rose quartz is associated with love – not just the romantic kind, but also that deep self-love and love for humanity that allows the world around us to thrive. It can replace self-destructive energy with loving vibrations effective in promoting self-confidence, and when placed around the head space, it sheds light on matters of the heart. Suffering from a broken heart? Rose quartz soothes emotions and washes away the pain of a love lost. 

C I T R I N E : 

A stone of abundance and manifestation, citrine is known to motivate and build self-awareness in its wearers. Citrine is a source of creative energy, and when placed around the head space, it promotes the sort of out-of-the-box thinking that leads to “aha!” moments. Pursuing big goals or in need of a creative breakthrough? Citrine has your name all over it. 

Not sure which stone is best for you? Good news! You have two ears and I’d encourage you to mix and match to your heart’s content to reap the benefits of more than one crystal! 

The ROCK STUD is a powerful tool for getting in touch with your head space. 


Your heart space matters, too. I designed this product to work synergistically with your other Rocking Vibe pieces. Their energy will play off each other, growing every time you invest in consciously connecting to the source.

Ready to take the plunge? The Rock Stud awaits!