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THINGS that Matter

… Moving halfway across the world at the age of 14, leaving life as I had known it taught me the value and power a material “THING” can have. Today I share a couple of important “things” in my personal toolkit in the hope of encouraging you to develop your own physical tokens that can serve you in a positive way.     A mindful connection to the material world can elevate your presence and ability to show up in everyday life! Here are 4 ways I use material possessions to propel my creation of the life I envision!  Pictures   I chose to start with this one because it is true what the cliché says, an image can say a thousand words....

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10 ways to love the shit out of your-SELF

Self love seems like a buzz word these days- but often with the rise of language like this it is because our society is in DESPERATE need of exactly that SELF- love. When Liana asked me to write this- I knew it would be an easy task as someone who has lived on the other side of the coin for so long- the journey of loving ME has been a beautiful, messy, exciting and joyful experience that has brought me to where i am today! Take some time to let the following 10 actions LAND within your soul.

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Fab 5

Entrepreneurs know that it truly does take a village to raise a company. These are the five people that fine tune our Vibes. We asked our fab five the same questions to explore their amazing psyches…..

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Organic Body Scrubs Under 5 Minutes

Scrubs are an important part of my beauty routine because they exfoliate by sloughing away impurities, ridding my legs of razor bumps, and making sure that my lotion more effectively absorbs into my skin.

My only problem is that I run through them so quickly – especially in the winter-time when the climate is dry and my skin feels tighter and drier than usual. I learned that it’s easier to make scrubs at home- it’s cheaper, it’s essentially free, and it’s a bit kinder to the environment since I can purchase reusable containers without any inside plastic or packaging. Here are two of my favorite scrubs to make with ingredients found around the house.

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Manage Your Energy, Not Time

I was out for a dinner the other night when I noticed a couple on a date- both of them on their phones. Have you ever wanted someone's time really bad? Maybe, you just wanted to spend some quality time with your partner or you wanted to connect with someone you look up to. What if you finally arranged to meet them and they are there, but not really there. You know what I mean?

Does this not make you think that you were not looking for their time; you were actually looking for their attention or involvement. You wanted them to be present.

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